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A good friend of mine left to Canada… I hope he and his family would do well there. Another friend is getting divorced… A job I do, is interesting, I enjoy it, sometimes it is hard, but if I plan and stick to the plan, everything works just fine. Started to do more sports twice or even three times per week, I progress in weight lifting, started to gain my weight too. Eating and feeling almost normally, less heartburns, although, I think it is also related to the fact that I went to some nutritionist to take some natural food addons, which helped.

Met with friends for lunch at goocha today, was really nice and fish was very spicey ­čÖé Alex prepared a photoalbum of his photographs and it is really admirable that he made a complete work of his photos! Congrats Alex! here his site to visit:

Other things to mention, the Reiki album was a disaster… No one talked about it, wether it was good or bad or anything. And it made me really sad, I started to think maybe I’m doing somethig wrong? Or my music started to bore… I stopped and looked on myself, and found that my music is boring. It made me feel really bad. And currently I stopped creating, I think of how do I really┬ácompose something that is interesting and smart, as I did few years ago.┬áThen people really loved my music, which currently not the situation.

Thoughts about the issue with my music are currently none, except the fact that I always based on harmony as basis and generated improvisational melodies around the harmony structure. I found that my harmony knowledge is fulfilled, and not interesting anymore, I need to find other ways to compose.

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Old friends

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At some point of life you might meet / want to meet old friends, with which for some strange “life” reason you might sieze to call / want to call… Today I met a dear old friend of mine from the army. Old things we fight usually the same, struggle to live and enjoy it not always working out. But we had a good lunch eventually for strange reason he forgot to pick the wallet, so I paid for the lunch – a reason to meet again ­čÖé Talked about things, was nice!

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