Bash scripting – I think I earned 5 stars… Well, 4.5.

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if [ -e $compare_table_file ]; then
        echo “Compare table found, comparing results”
        ### TODO, create two dimensional array from report and static table”
        ### Compare the tables
        threshold=5 ### if more than 5% less than const, the test would FAIL
        frames_tested=( `cat $report_name | grep -A 50 “Throughput and Latency results” | grep -A 30 “Frame” | grep -G “[0-9]”| grep -v “Run” | awk {‘print $1″ “$3’}` )
        frames_compared_to=( `cat $compare_table_file | sed ‘s/\”//’ | grep -A 30 “Frame” | grep -G “[0-9]”| grep -v “Run” | awk {‘print $1″ “$3’}` )

        let test_frames_tested=${#frames_tested[*]}/2
        let test_frames_comprated=${#frames_compared_to[*]}/2

        if [ $test_frames_tested -eq 1 ]; then
                echo “wrong count of frames and results”

        if [ $test_frames_comprated -eq 1 ]; then
                echo “wrong count of frames and consts”

        ## Ugly solution to solve the bad output

        let runtime1=${#frames_tested[*]}-1
        let runtime2=${#frames_compared_to[*]}-1

        echo -e “====\t ==========\t ========\t ========”
        echo -e “Size\t Throughput\t Constant\t Variance”
        echo -e “====\t ==========\t ========\t ========”
        #for i in `seq 0 2 ${#frames_tested[*]}`; do
        for i in `seq 0 2 $runtime1`; do
        #for b in `seq 0 2 ${#frames_compared_to[*]}`; do
                for b in `seq 0 2 $runtime2`; do
                if [ “${frames_tested[$i]}” == “${frames_compared_to[$b]}” ]; then
                calc=$(echo “scale=2; -1 * (100 – (100 * ${frames_tested[$i+1]} / ${frames_compared_to[$b+1]}))” | bc)
                rounded=$(echo “scale=0; -1 * (100 – (100 * ${frames_tested[$i+1]} / ${frames_compared_to[$b+1]}))” | bc)
                echo -e “${frames_tested[$i]}\t ${frames_tested[$i+1]}%\t ${frames_compared_to[$b+1]}%\t $calc%”
                        if [ $abs_rounded -le $threshold ]; then

        if [ “$fail” == “1” ]; then


Three new compositions released from the new album I’m working on.

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Started to work on my “Igor Krutoi” like musical album, prefering light and easy listening music. Another direction that might get catch.

Download samples here, this is temporary link, if I see lots of requests I will put this to RS


Automated blogs, direct linking etc’…

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Unfortunately, I had to block access to /music 🙁 People started to share links and various music sites checking the availability of my music online started to play it automatically without even knowing it… So currently I have user and password there, just to stop these idiots. If you need password and username just message me or send me an email.

It’s daniel\ at\ dmelody\ \com


Just some news…

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A good friend of mine left to Canada… I hope he and his family would do well there. Another friend is getting divorced… A job I do, is interesting, I enjoy it, sometimes it is hard, but if I plan and stick to the plan, everything works just fine. Started to do more sports twice or even three times per week, I progress in weight lifting, started to gain my weight too. Eating and feeling almost normally, less heartburns, although, I think it is also related to the fact that I went to some nutritionist to take some natural food addons, which helped.

Met with friends for lunch at goocha today, was really nice and fish was very spicey 🙂 Alex prepared a photoalbum of his photographs and it is really admirable that he made a complete work of his photos! Congrats Alex! here his site to visit:

Other things to mention, the Reiki album was a disaster… No one talked about it, wether it was good or bad or anything. And it made me really sad, I started to think maybe I’m doing somethig wrong? Or my music started to bore… I stopped and looked on myself, and found that my music is boring. It made me feel really bad. And currently I stopped creating, I think of how do I really compose something that is interesting and smart, as I did few years ago. Then people really loved my music, which currently not the situation.

Thoughts about the issue with my music are currently none, except the fact that I always based on harmony as basis and generated improvisational melodies around the harmony structure. I found that my harmony knowledge is fulfilled, and not interesting anymore, I need to find other ways to compose.

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EFT – emotional freedom technique, how it related to CBT – cognitive behavioral therapy

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Our life seems to be very fast during the past decades, we live to succeed and achieve until the age of 40, get as many deseases as possible, get as many stress as possible and eventually die from suffering… Why? Do we really have to choose to live and then die that way? The answer is in our hands.

What is EFT? Founded by Gary Craig, is a technique to perform two basic things – control your mind and help your body doing it. Actually what it does in real life is very silly, as one might catch another human doing it. The person stands in the middle of the street performing some strange ritual tappings on his eyes, fingers – saying to himself some strange sentences, humming some cheerful melody, performing that nicely, seems to other that he cannot be distracted at all. Then like nothing happened he continues to walk. How strange, the other guy thinks, what the hell was that? That is EFT.

What is beautiful about this technique that it combines three very deep and sophisticated approaches to heal the human being: Fix the feeling and automatic thought that you have which in Psychiatry called (CBT cognitive behavioral therapy), free your mind programming it to a new sentence with help of saying something to yourself lots of times, tap with fingers according to Chinese medicine accupuncture technique to specific points in your body. All this within 3-5 minutes of practice and you’re done. Some would say, this is total bullshit! Accupuntcure exists 2000 years and not many knows how and where to put a niddle, but tapping? Saying sentences to yourself? Fixing automatic thoughts? Well, it’s not a bullshit after all, I’ve tried it and it works. I read many books about CBT including the famous book by Albert Ellis (control your anxiety before it controls you), I know how CBT works, and it works fine, but you have to have lots of patience to succeed, what EFT does is helping you concentrate on CBT and therefore fixing two things in one method. It practically works very good.

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Lucid Harmony reiki healing album released!

Wow! I’m so thrilled about this release. Colors, life, music our internal power makes us complete. It is there, just reach out your hands and you become part of this unlimited eternal lucid light which empowers and unifies us. Close your eyes and imagine, what you see is REAL.
This musical album is done using the Reiki energy, I made Reiki to the Piano and music I played each creation has its color its mood, it is so complete and beautiful… My best creation so far.
Download here:
Most of all enjoy!

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Rootkit on my website

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Well, apparently, some “script-kiddies” succeeded implanting a rootkit on my webserver, which is awesome 🙂 I noticed it, accidentally performing a regular cleaning of my website for some unrequired files… Anyway, found few tar files inside /. With netstat -atunp I saw a strange connection performed automatically to few IRC servers with port 6667 and 7000, after I run few tcpdump and tcpflow sessions, I saw that it is a bot running on my server, cool! A Linux bot! Nice to meet you Linux bot! It took me an hour to find it and remove it, the most interesting shit, the bot used a backdoor located on Linux PAM patches or updates then it replaced bash env + lsof command so lsof command output displayed an illusion… That’s why it took me so long to locate and disable this shit. I started to look some further, found a user named user inside my passwd file, the shadow file had two root entries and exactly the same entry for user user… Apparantly, as I changed the root password it was automatically applied to user too 🙂 Very nice piece of software guys! Anyway, you should try harder.


Давно не писал

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Вот. Почему? Как не странно, у меня вдруг появилось много работы, и я стал очень занят, просто не было времени писать. Зато, я меньше чем за месяц осилил 4 книги Лукьяненко про ночные, дневные, сумеречные и последние дозоры. Что вам сказать на эту тему, да, это не Дэн Браун, хотя стили где-то похожи, но все равно, в фантастике надо как то по интерестней что-ли… Не хватает развития темы, много урезок, персонажи не достаточно развиты… Все развивается вокруг мета тематики… Я конечно нов в этом стиле киберпанка, но все таки хотелось бы больше. Скажем так, Стругацких и Азимова я читал с упоем книга за книгой и может еще раз почитаю, а вот Сергея Лукьяненко, читать вновь не стану. Это все равно как покушать в Мак Дональдсе и запить Кока Колой. Я не скажу, что все книги Лукьяненко такие, но то что я прочитал тянутся в Мак Дональдс (Лабиринт Отражении, Спектр, Дозоры, Черновик, Чистовик) Спектр был бест, но не хватает той маленькой искорки стиля которой нельзя перепутать ни скем. Да… Жалко, но вот почему он это так делает я не знаю, таланта на писанину предостаточно, а вот стиллистики не хватает. Стал читать Владимира Панова по совету друга, серию Тайный Город, посмотрим как пойдет, начало много обещающее.
Домашнее задание:
1) Послушать еще раз 4 симфонию Брамса (Караяна)
2) Послушать Концерты для Фортепиано Камиля Сен-Санса
3) Докончить наконец свой альбом для Рейки, блин, не знаю как назвать альбом… Советы?


New music releases.

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Just posted three of me new music creations made in August and Sepetmeber 2010. You’re all welcome to listen / download and comment. These creations has no particular purpose, just nice melodies and usage of new software 🙂

Listen online:


My new job.

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I think I like my new job at this small and nice startup. People are alive! The technology is burning hot like fire. I had a slow start at first, but now I’m involved and making the thing happen. Let’s do it!

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Last day at Israel

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Well, tomorrow would be my last day at Israel Hertzelya, I worked there for 1 year and 1 month as a vendor through some company. Objectively looking – yes I learned some interesting stuff there, and got a broader view on things and how everything is done. But, I also learned how things should not be done, and not technically speaking. Success of a project, technically speaking is only 20%, 80% is people related and that’s where it all went wrong, but that’s a different story.

I cannot tell whether I’m happy, sad or renewed. I’m going to start working at new place called Contextream, a small startup company in Petah Tikva as a senior QA engineer. I’ve been working few years in big companies and few years in small startups. Yes – I can tell the difference, both types has its pros and cons, I cannot tell which one is better. I only know one thing, since I’m still young I can learn and achieve new goals, because I’m well motivated and has lots of knowledge. And I think I can tell what would happen in 10-15 years from now – I’m going to retire 🙂 Hopefully.

I’m a bit anxious about the new place, new people and new technology. But it is going to be alright. Will keep you posted how everything is going.


It’s always there…

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I have been thinking whether putting it on my blog or not, but fuck-it, enjoy the spread of my anger!

People just don’t want to write about their lives, internet is a dumpster of bad and good… People prefer the glamor of the beautiful banners, facebook shit, google search engine for fetish images and youtube videos from jackass-idiots. Everything is being copy-pasted, copyrighted and then again copy-pasted, then money is made, and roll-over again. No word about feeling, about the life, about things that really matters. Somewhere in that black-hole of information happiness is lost for good, and then people try to figure out their problems by searching the google for well-known fatal deseases…

It’s so dreadful reading the local Israeli news homepage, it is full of depression, shit and banners that try to sell you gadgets that you can take with you to grave! Even in the supermarkets as you go and buy cucumbers or apples, you know that these veggies are grown on polluted water, sprayed with poison to keep the insects away that are actually fatal to human being. And the shit they sell the people for twice the money called the healthy or organic food, actually just called that way, but made out of the same crap. Then again you pay taxes, for another polluting electricity station, for politicians which make the country to go to war for killing muslims, jews, kids, FUCK… And then you hear how people for some strange reason die from cancer, you name it… Everything, beginning from small tumors to deadly and fatal tumors with metastasis.

The most dreadful thing, is that you work and work for nothing and then again work for money that actually kills your life, feelings, as you come home, the baby is sleeping the wife is tired and doesn’t have a feeling to make love… It died somewhere… The anxiety of loosing it all for fucking banners and gadgets you can buy on the internet. Easy money, easy come and easy go a religion for dummies and for uneducated crowd.

Then you take some book about some new bullshit as some crazy ass writer invents – trying to be interesting, the feeling to burn that book and then crucify the writer for stupidity. NEW STUFF? We cannot actually relax, it’s a fake. You just take another bottle of vodka, then you think you get drunk, and then you just sick your soul out to the drain because of the pain which refuses to die…


New sound and music ideas

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I’ve been thinking lately, what and how can I really make a new music. It is so hard, as almost all the ideas on composition and tehcniques are used, sound combinations and tonality is exhausted. Composers did that and that, and you always hear the same patterns all over again and again… I’ve been listening to night shows from on trance and progressive channels, trying to find some ideas there. And from listening to the half hour or hour shows I’ve learned that the rules stayed the same – a composer, dj or just a mixer guy, takes patterns, adds drums, bass some easy pad line, creates all kinds of combinations with very simple and basic harmony, without going to heavy places and / or modulations. And it sounds very boring. Not developing, just bum, bum, bum — several pads, and again, bum, bum, bum, maybe some sophistaced bass line and then bum bum bum… What about the music? What about some harmony? And I’m not talking about basic counterpoint rules which are not sustained at all…

As I’m trying to complete my Reiki healing music album and the muse left me two months ago, so I’m out of ideas and motivation to make new music, I’m trying to find these ideas… Then the computer crashed on me with all the files, luckily I had a backup 🙂 Yesterday I had restored all the system and started to play on my synth, but again, I’m rounding the same circles of creation again, nothing new… Like a dry desert with no water or just an illusion of something new. Maybe the answer is a new approach? A new system of harmony? A melody? I donno… The frustration is really high, but I hope this would evaporate soon.


Тяпнуть водки

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Вчера была годовщина смерти моего дедушки Аарона Раухмана. Мы всей семьёй собрались в Реховотском кладбище. Прочитали молитву как подобается, зачитали Кадиш. Потом поехали к моей бабушке почтить память. Главный Раввин могильщик Реховотского кладбища присоеденился к нам. На столе стояло две холодные бутылки Столичной водки, вино, пиво, хорошая закуска, малосольные огурцы, селедка – короче все что надо. Я пришел к выводу, что надо немного расслабиться и тяпнул рюмочку, потом еще одну, а потом еще. Пили всей семьёй, 86 летняя бабушка, отец, мама, дядя, тётя, главный Раввин могильщик… Лед тронулся, поминки из грустных вдруг стали очень веселые, до такой степени, что маразм покозался истиной. Надо веселиться! Я думаю что Аарон был рад, что мы веселимся, а не сидим как мямли. На каком то этапе, 70-ти летний Раввин стал рассказывать смешные истории и спорить с моим рыжим дядей по поводу религии, было смешно смотреть, как они оба красные как раки, смеясь, доказывали, что религии нет ни какой, и что самое главное это память. Раввин со своей стороны ярко выражался, что но уже положил в землю 15 тысяч человек, и никто из этих пока не вернулся, и что доказательств нет, что где лучше, здесь или тым. На что мой дядя ответил, везде хорошо там где нас нет! Ржали до не возможности, на каком то этапе, я забыл все свои проблемы. И я наконец то, расслабился! Дико пьяный я приехал домой и завалился спать, спал как ребенок, как уже не спал очень давно. Давайте ребята себе иногда расслабляться, а то жизнь наша без этого, становится безцветной.


My first show!

Few weeks ago I started to work on my new live show where I would be performing live! Actually I was thinking about something real, not written, improvised, but within boundaries. I’m going to preset 8-10 compositions with specific sounds. And play within a specific theme. This would be recordered to cubase and video. I think it would be great! I’m planning to release the show on the midst of August 2010. I also hope to gather as much people as possible. With regards to content, it would be a digital electronic music including, Piano, Omnisphere, Battery 3, Roland patches from XV-5080 and RD700sx digital Piano. The themes would be some old compositions I made like 10 years ago, some dynamic, some slow and mostly nice music for the soul. No words of course. I’m really thrilled to hear people comments, as the age group would vary from 20 to 60, which is hard to pinpoint, but I hope to get a good feedback and support! Good luck to me!

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