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2 hours to get to work today…

On 25/04/2010, in Entries in English, General News, by admin

Woke up pretty early around 6 am, sat with my little girl as she woke up, we played was fun. Thought to myself, I’ll get out early this morning and get to work at 8:30am… Well, I got to work only at 9:30am… Amazingly all the roads were so busy, seems to me like everybody decided to leave the house at the hour I decided to leave. All the roads were jammed to death. I wonder: If I get out of home at 9:30am I get to work at 10:15am, if I get out of home at 7:30am I come to work at 9:30am… I guess coming 45 minutes late to work would save me 2 hours… OR leaving home at 6:15am… Would save me 2 hours later… But  waking up so early???!!!

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