In a current world of super fast and faster progression of knowledge and technology transfer to others through the Internet or other media, we are again as usual forgetting the axiom, that most masses of humans adapt slowly to changes, it is the nature of humans, thus, a void would be generated, it is generated right now these days. A super fast technology with progressive expansion, versus human inability to adapt to changes quickly. For those who read history, it can be related to the Renaissance period where a BIG explosion of knowledge occurred, devastating old beliefs, generating new prospects of understanding, religions had to change, books rewritten. Knowledge was shared and available for everyone. As we all know, knowledge is power, and as then, humanity was unable to sustain this evolution fast enough, a void was generated. Which then led to good and bad times, from one side art was evolved to unimaginable peaks, science evolved substantially, building the next potential evolution, which we have now. From second hand, it led to crazy wars throughout almost 5 centuries. The void, usually, filled with non void, and as potential rises, void is filled with power sustained with human fear of understanding NEW, we are all afraid of things we cannot explain. This leads to slow adaptation to changes. As it was then, it will happen again, the void would be filled with fear, aggression and migration. As in psychology it is defined, three possible reactions to change, freeze, attack or run. As the void potential higher the more chaos we get. There is no solution for this people. Enjoy the new Renaissance, try not to get killed or loose all your belongings, stay sharp. Politicians would only use people various states of adaptation for elevating interests, thus increase the generated void potential… Just a thought.

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Взято из 10 of September 2015

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After 14 years of marriage, I’ve got divorced today.

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Last year was a fight. Fight against my slavery to anxiety and depression. Fight against my slavery to my ego, against my will to do things I wanted, but what I wanted was wrong, I wanted to feed my ego. My ego didn’t get enough food, always wanted more and more. And I got sunk to my depression and anxiety, hurting myself, my family and my sorroundings.

I finally figured it myself, no one could actually tell me what was wrong in the first place. The reason I was keep feeding my ego was my thought I was not getting enough attention, I’m special, which is not, I’m suprerior, which is not. So I compencated by feeding myself with false thoughts and deeds. I got used to that in time, find myself lonely and anxious, climbing on trees, and watching the Baltic sea to relax myself as a child, then as an adult, a man with a family closing in my room, or oversleeping, being anxious on my free days with my family. My ego was fed, but I was not happy. I found another place to keep feeding my ego, by abusing my will, keep telling myself, that I’m right about doing whatever I keep doing about everything, thoughts, feelings, love and deeds.

To get out of this loop I had to find the initial cause, and correct my new action plan to get out of anxiety and depression. First I treated my anxiety by taking some pills and meditating, this relaxed me. When I was relaxed I could think, why I do what I do? Why I keep hurting myself and others by behaving like an egoist. The answer came from an article I read about anxious partners in relationship, who are closed in themselves – and then it hit my. I’m anxious, and I’m closed in myself. I need to open and stop feeding my ego, this is the solution. Once I realized that, new hope opened in me. I hope the next 2015 year would give me tools and strength to deal with my depression and anxiety. Be healthier again, happier and bring stability to me and my family in all aspects – because I deserve it.

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The Sleeping Thunder album composed in 2008, is now available on the digital music web stores!
Please buy, listen and support me :)

In the near future I plan to release four additional musical albums:

1) Anabel – 2004-2008 Electronica album (a collection of my electronica works)

2) Temporal (2008-2009) – soundtrack from Oren Bartal video game (according to many requests I’ve got)

3) Perfectly Silent (2014) – new album inspired by our family trip to Estonia (album is about nature, feeling and nostalgia for my home land)

4) Oscar and the lady in pink (2008) – soundtrack from the play performed by Ukrainian theater in Lutsk a play written by

Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt

You can view the full play in Ukrainian language here:


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Why? First, it takes too much time of my life, sharing something I really doesn’t need to share with anyone. Only some sick solution to show-off my ego to everyone else. Social networks are the great place to grow your ego and it is bad for your mental health. Because none really read and care about what you want to share. Second, because of social networks, you’re spending more time with it, your time management is suffering, as your family too. Suddenly you find yourself sitting with your smartphone more and more, in a road, in a bus, at home. Suddenly you’re not watching what others watching. You’re disconnected. And then you’re disconnected from life, the real life. Social networks, are a virtual reality which is unreal, and eventually you will become addicted to it. Just disconnect from social networks. It is bad, really.

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… If you born healthy, you will die healthy, if you born unhealthy, you will die unhealthy … Our destiny is our body pathology.

What is a healthy person? –
Are you considering yourself as a healthy person?
What do you do in order to pertain your healthy condition?
Are you using a guide, does it cost you money?

For a start I want to declare the following, I don’t like:
1) Propaganda and advertising of any kind, specifically performed by government agencies claiming to be on the public health side subjecting this or that is good or bad for health, therefore, used by advertising agencies to sell something or benefit from personal information about someone.
2) People who sell knowledge about health for money making purpose.
3) People who are not MD claiming knowing more about normal health levels than an MD

Why did I decide to write this article?
During the past two decades, there have been an increased awareness about public health around the world, the world which I call, the industrialized world, world in which you can buy things for the money you earn. In this world, you can see more people running around your house, more cyclists cycling the bicycles on the road. You can see and hear more people quit smoking, drinking, gambling, making a diet for reducing or gaining weight. You can see people who are obsessed with health completely, 7 days per week they are in a gym. They eat only healthy and organic food, they sleep in bags and not only during their lifetime. You can later hear the news: He was a very healthy man, eating grass, died from heart disease he previously had… He was found dead, in place, condition, position, analysis & autopsy… Well, people are going to die eventually at some point of time anyway. The question is how, and if this question is relevant. Well, actually it is relevant in both aspects, everybody are interested how are they going to die, I didn’t perform any statistical analysis between the candidates, but I assume the candidates don’t want to die in the following conditions: due to cancer disease, pain, agony, hell, heart attack, Alzheimer, whatever, the medical books with diseases has lots of fun reading description about thousands diseases our body can perform the death part of our lives. Most people who lives in the industrialized world, believes in the legend that if they live healthier life it can protect their bodies from these diseases in bodies older ages or now. Well, I want to open your eyes, you can’t protect yourself from from anything. You can run a marathon and the drop dead near the finish line, if you’re lucky enough the MDs can help your body restoring half of your usual body functionality, and then you become an invalid for your next half life…
I’ve decided to write the article for the people who believes in the health legend, the propaganda performed by the government and I want you to ask yourselves at the end are you doing the right thing for being healthier?

Example of an health extremist / activist who doesn’t believe in the MD Gods.
What is an MD God? MD God is an urban legend explanation about the doctors who knows everything about the human body, and can fix it in any condition given. Well, actually it is not true. MD God are actually people who just have the medical knowledge attained with years and practice they simply know more than an average individual about the human body and biology, they have met more ill individuals and fixed more than you’re in your lifetime, and well, they can use their knowledge to maintain or fix the illness of that specific individual, and usually it works out OK statistically speaking, otherwise, most MDs would be out of job. Thye are not, in any case MD Gods, simply professionals with knowledge.
The most interesting example of an health activist who performs a propaganda about health is one of my friends who is 45 years old. Was definitively a healthy man, he have a well built body structure, he didn’t suffer from any chronic diseases, the only two “problems” that he had, is smoking 1-2 packs of cigarettes and drinking 150mg of Vodka on daily basis. Well, actually he did that for lots of years and didn’t have any health problems during that time. At some point of his life he “decides” to be a healthier person by choosing. I want to conclude, he actually could choose that direction because he was already a healthy individual at that point of his personal life. He could drastically change his view to other direction and do whatever he likes. Now, he still smokes, but doesn’t drink, he is a Vegan, he is fasting once a week for 24 hours, he is making lots of physical activity, and according to what he says, he is a lot more healthier than he was before. Now, he teaches his “students” the same way of life, claiming that it is healthier for money and advertising. He doesn’t believe in MD Gods, claiming the MD Gods will take your life faster than you think.

Example of an hypochondriac activist who believes in the MD Gods.
Well, actually I have a person whom I know well, she is 63 years old, already have two chronic diseases, elderly diabetes type 2 and arthritis. The first disease is a gate for additional chronic diseases, such as kidney dysfunction, osteoporosis, cardiovascular problems and some more, the second disease is just a bad luck of her past workplace she worked in a very cold and humid place. During the age of late 50, she got her second disease, during the next 8-9 years she got her first disease – diabetes type 2. These both disease must be managed, otherwise the individual can develop additional conditions which are harder to treat and it will shorten the life of that specific individual. Adding that body condition to the fact you can’t live without properly managing these diseases developing a hypochondria will simply assimilate that individual being physically bound to his MD God. There would be no choice of drastically changing the point of view here. The question which matters now, if she could prevent these diseases before, by doing sports and eating healthy food at the age of 40? I don’t think so. As I claim here, that our bodies pathology is actually our destiny. If you born healthy, you will die healthy, if you born unhealthy, you will die unhealthy. This person was already born unhealthy. She run to doctor with each physical condition she had, stating that she is terribly ill taking antibiotics against cold and high fever. And etc’, if she just could wait few days at home with the health conditions, she might avoid taking antibiotics of any kind. This is of course a type of depressive disorder called hypochondria which should be treated and not with antibiotics.

How unfortunate this sounds, but this actually a better truth than the legend of making yourself a healthier person. I want to pinpoint the information about the health products perusing that legend and that’s why they actually a good sell, and why a medicine which is a health product anyway are a good sell otherwise… So actually we have the condition in our industrialized world, individual who is healthy, can purchase health products and be healthier, an individual who has minor manageable chronic disease, like HBP, which doesn’t limit that individual performing him any physical activity, can buy both health products and medicine, and individual who is totally ill with more than one chronic disease, completely entrusted to MD Gods. I want to additional close-up on the healthier person individual who is living a healthier life, meaning, buying more natural and organic products which are proclaimed to be natural (you’re what you eat, a famous Chinese joke), buying health products to believe that he is actually a healthier person.

This is all an urban legend of people who chooses to be believe what they choose to believe in (1999 – Matrix). Individual of type 4, doesn’t exist. The three types of individuals are very good potential buyers of health / medicine products the companies have to offer. And the government are here to help. Specifically I like they anti-advertisements against smoking of cigarettes. I didn’t perform any statistic comparison, but I think logically, a person who lives in the city center automatically smokes so much tar and smoke without even being a smoker, is exposed? The cost of treating cancer in individuals is very high, so the government must find a solution of whom to blame? The stats of cancer per 100k cancer diseases are around 300 per 100k, so in a big city like New York there would be around 30000 individuals who are sick, half of them are going to die within 1-2 years, other half within 5 years, and the other half will survive. What about the other 10000000 – 30000 = individuals who are not ill with cancer, but ill with something else? The diseases like cancer is not a very common disease, what about heart attacks, heart problems, kidneys, liver, Alzheimer and more? Why the government chooses to fight for the 30000 cancer ill people and not other harmful diseases? The answer is simple, government seeks more funding to treat cancer because it is in currently in fashion. But instead of reducing pollution in cities it just hits the tobacco companies… Anyway, that’s the truth.

So back to my questions?
What is a healthy person? In my humble opinion, a healthy person is person who feels by all his subjective parameters as a healthy person. For example if I smoke and smoking relaxes me after meal, and I feel great, I’m a healthy person. For example: If I can run 5km 3 times per week without being “killed” after that run, if I can help my neighbor in his garden for hard 1-2 hour work without getting to a hospital. If I can be relaxed at places and situations where I should be relaxed. Sleeping good, eating good… etc’

Do you consider yourself as a healthy person? I think the question that should be asked here, do you consider yourself as a happy person? Yes, I’m a happy person, most of the time.

What do you do in order to pertain your health condition? I do things I like to do. I try to avoid smoking, living in cities, working in stressful and unhealthy environments, I do sex, I read and develop personally. I like running, doing Kung-Fu and perform 5 tibetan rites on daily basis. It keeps me in good shape for now. I don’t look to far to the future, I like helping people. I cannot be prepared for anything physically speaking I hope for the best. I have prospects to learn something new.

Do you use a guide? No I don’t. I don’t believe in guides. Just empirically doing and learning by myself. Life is Open Source.

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You are a reflection of the truth seen by your eyes, analyzed by your brain, performed by your mouth and given you by hand. The truth which is absolute on your natural instinct is the base for pragmatism and the ability to learn, accept and grow, never forget to reason – why, and choose the destiny forever.

Hi all, I’ve created a new composition called Fantasy in a dream – this composition is special, due to the fact that it is played live without thought. Art without art, music as I hear and see it in my dreams, it is strong, explosive and very deep few layers down. Enjoy this dream…

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First of all, iSCSI protocol cannot run in NATed environment, due to protocol implementation which makes the LUN scan over different TCP session, and ports which are used there are not trivial… So will work only in LAN, or WAN.

iSCSI target for Linux – sources for compiling.

iSCSI initiator exists on following linux OS installations, windows is not supported:

RHEL – 5.6/7 6.0 and 6.1
iSCSI consists of server and client sides. iSCSI target is installed on the server side and iSCSI initiator is used on the client.

iSCSI target installation process:

tar xvfz iscsitarget-
cd iscsitarget-
make && make install
iSCSI target configuration process:

vi /etc/iet/ietd.conf (Add the following line – we are going to use images created by using the dd utility, see the example for creating the image files below (delete everything else there)
IncomingUser iscsi Password1
OutgoingUser iscsi Password1
Lun 0 Path=/media/sdb1/storage/lun1.img,Type=fileio
Alias iscsi0
cd /media/sdb1/storage/
dd if=/dev/zero of=lun1.img bs=1024k count=10000 (the following line would create an image of 10GB size)
note the above configuration of /etc/iet/ietd.conf should point to correct path of the image file
restart the “/etc/init.d/iscsi-target restart” to load the new configuration
iSCSI initiator configuration process: (note the IP address is the IP address of the iSCSI target server, the following commands are automatically added to the iSCSI initiator configuration:
iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p
iscsiadm -m node
iscsiadm -m node –targetname “” –portal “” –op=update –name node.session.auth.authmethod –value=CHAP
iscsiadm -m node –targetname “” –portal “” –op=update –name node.session.auth.username –value=iscsi
iscsiadm -m node –targetname “” –portal “” –op=update –name node.session.auth.password –value=Password1
iscsiadm -m node –targetname “” –portal “” –login
vi /etc/iscsi/iscsid.conf and verify the following line exist: node.startup = automatic
Verify with fdisk -l that the new device name is added correctly
Now you can process to formatting and partitioning

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Interesting how my skill got better.

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אתה יכול לכתוב ספר – מאת: דניאל סלבודר 16/8/2012
– אתה יכול לכתוב ספר, אתה יודע?! אמרתי לו במלוא הביטחון
– אני יכול הכול, אם אני רוצה – אני יודע. הוא אמר זאת בפשטות, כאילו לא היה לו במה להתבייש.
הריח של הסיגריות מילא את החדר המדרגות, הרעש וההמולה מסביב, אי אפשר היה להבין מי מדבר על מה. במידת האפשר, מצאתי את עצמי עומד מעל האיש לא בגובה העניים, אלא על המדרגות, כראש מעל, הרגשתי לא נוח עם זה.
– אני לא שופט אותך, אתה חופשי לעשות כל מה שאתה רוצה ויודע מה שאתה רוצה. אני רק אומר שאתה יכול לכתוב ספר.
מה המודל המצליח לכתיבת ספר, האם ספר צריך להיות מצליח או סתם ספר על כלום, סתם כדי להעביר את הזמן. מאיפה רמת הביטחון השקרית שלי להמליץ למישהו לעשות משהו? האם אני מומחה לחיפוש כישרונות לשירה או למוסיקה? מאיפה זה בא? הרגשתי נבוך, אמרתי שטות, הבנתי את זה מיד לאחר מכן. האיש התחיל לספר על השעון שלו, מעין הסבר והתנצלות על סטטוס שלו, למה הוא בכלל נמצא פה בחדר המדרגות מלא עשן, במפגש קודם היה כולו רדום תחת השפעה כבדה. היום הוא נינוח, בטוח בעצמו וידע הכול. הדיבור הקצר והלקוני הזכיר לי מישהו מוכר, הוא היה איש מחשבים מוכשר, היה תמיד מדבר קצר ולעניין, חיבבתי אותו איכשהו, והאיש שיכול לכתוב ספר הזכיר לי אותו. איך התחברתי לאיש עם השעון?
– השעון שלי עולה 2000 דולר.
התחילה פולמיקה ארוכה, איך הוא קנה ומכר ולאחר מכן שוב קנה בזול ואני איבדתי אותו, ברגע שאמר את המשפט השעון שלי עולה… פולמיקה לאיש הלקוני בעולם!
– אני לא שופט אתך, השעון שלי עולה 2000 שקל.
האמת לא, השעון שלי עלה 1500 לפני 15 שנה, המספר 15… שוב שקר. שקר? והחזרה למשפט מגן, אני לא שופט אותך? למה אני מתנצל?
הריח הזה, לקחתי סיגריה, עישנתי אותה מהר, הרגשתי את הטעם של הניקוטין בשפתיים והחום, נהיה לי מגעיל. הגיע זמן ללכת…
חזרה לכיתה. בשיעור מלמדים אותך להיות איש יצירתי, חכם, נבון, נינוח ועד סיסמאות וקלישאות. אני הולך לשיעורים הללו למצוא את עצמי תובע בסיסמאות, קשה מאוד למצוא את האמת שלי. זה כנראה לוקח עוד זמן, כל עוד יש מישהו שכותב את הספר – אני רגיל לקבל את כל התשובות מהר. הרי כל כך קל ליפול בתוך השקר היצירתי שאתה בונה לעצמך – העולם שאותו אתה כל כך אוהב, הגיע הזמן לעזוב, אין תשובות מהירות.
הרחוב כבר חשוך, החנויות מוכרות סיגריות מסטיקים שתייה מתוקה עם גזים, נוסעות מכוניות – חם. אני הולך מהר גם אם כי חם לי, אבל אני בורח מעצמי, מהאיש הלקוני שיכול לכתוב ספר. יש עוד שעה עד שהרכבת תיקח אותי הביתה – לא הביתה, לתחנת רכבת ולאחר מכן אוטובוס למושב. עוד 20 דקות הליכה ואני בבית. זה לוקח שעתיים, כך זה כל שבוע, כך, זו הדרך, תמיד לומדים.
לפני השינה, אני מרגיש את הבטן שלי, היא מתהפכת, כמה תרגילי נשימה שלמדתי אצל הפסיכולוגית והחרדה תעבור ואני אירדם עד ליום חדש. שהעניים נסגרות הספר נפתח מול עיניים עצומות ואני מתחיל לקרוא.
אתה יכול לכתוב ספר, אמרתי לאיש מלא בביטחון.

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Please support me, it’s only 8.91$ for the whole album!

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if [ -e $compare_table_file ]; then
        echo “Compare table found, comparing results”
        ### TODO, create two dimensional array from report and static table”
        ### Compare the tables
        threshold=5 ### if more than 5% less than const, the test would FAIL
        frames_tested=( `cat $report_name | grep -A 50 “Throughput and Latency results” | grep -A 30 “Frame” | grep -G “[0-9]”| grep -v “Run” | awk {‘print $1″ “$3’}` )
        frames_compared_to=( `cat $compare_table_file | sed ‘s/\”//’ | grep -A 30 “Frame” | grep -G “[0-9]”| grep -v “Run” | awk {‘print $1″ “$3’}` )

        let test_frames_tested=${#frames_tested[*]}/2
        let test_frames_comprated=${#frames_compared_to[*]}/2

        if [ $test_frames_tested -eq 1 ]; then
                echo “wrong count of frames and results”

        if [ $test_frames_comprated -eq 1 ]; then
                echo “wrong count of frames and consts”

        ## Ugly solution to solve the bad output

        let runtime1=${#frames_tested[*]}-1
        let runtime2=${#frames_compared_to[*]}-1

        echo -e “====\t ==========\t ========\t ========”
        echo -e “Size\t Throughput\t Constant\t Variance”
        echo -e “====\t ==========\t ========\t ========”
        #for i in `seq 0 2 ${#frames_tested[*]}`; do
        for i in `seq 0 2 $runtime1`; do
        #for b in `seq 0 2 ${#frames_compared_to[*]}`; do
                for b in `seq 0 2 $runtime2`; do
                if [ “${frames_tested[$i]}” == “${frames_compared_to[$b]}” ]; then
                calc=$(echo “scale=2; -1 * (100 – (100 * ${frames_tested[$i+1]} / ${frames_compared_to[$b+1]}))” | bc)
                rounded=$(echo “scale=0; -1 * (100 – (100 * ${frames_tested[$i+1]} / ${frames_compared_to[$b+1]}))” | bc)
                echo -e “${frames_tested[$i]}\t ${frames_tested[$i+1]}%\t ${frames_compared_to[$b+1]}%\t $calc%”
                        if [ $abs_rounded -le $threshold ]; then

        if [ “$fail” == “1” ]; then

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Started to work on my “Igor Krutoi” like musical album, prefering light and easy listening music. Another direction that might get catch.

Download samples here, this is temporary link, if I see lots of requests I will put this to RS