Lucid Harmony reiki healing album released!

Wow! I’m so thrilled about this release. Colors, life, music our internal power makes us complete. It is there, just reach out your hands and you become part of this unlimited eternal lucid light which empowers and unifies us. Close your eyes and imagine, what you see is REAL.
This musical album is done using the Reiki energy, I made Reiki to the Piano and music I played each creation has its color its mood, it is so complete and beautiful… My best creation so far.
Download here:
Most of all enjoy!

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Sensing composition released for the Reiki Healing Album

On 08/06/2010, in Entries in English, Esoteric, Music Composition, by admin

I think it is beautiful composition. Played with Sitar 2 sample from the Roland RD700SX + Omnispehre patch that is used in stack modulation.

Listen here:

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New track from Reiki Healing music album

On 20/04/2010, in Entries in English, Esoteric, Music Composition, by admin

This composition is very interesting, because it’s written with specific sound I’ve been thinking of that could be suitable for ambience and atmospheric feeling. This composition comes as a twin brother of original Willing composition (a succesful campaign a made on

Please download and listen, most of all enjoy!

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Рейки stuff…

On 01/04/2010, in Esoteric, Записи на Русском, by admin

Вот пять вещей которые человек должен себе напоминать каждый день

1) Не злиться
2) Не волноваться
3) Быть добрым и внимательным к другим
4) Быть благодарным
5) Тяжело работать

У меня особенно тяжело со вторым и последним пунктом…

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