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You are a reflection of the truth seen by your eyes, analyzed by your brain, performed by your mouth and given you by hand. The truth which is absolute on your natural instinct is the base for pragmatism and the ability to learn, accept and grow, never forget to reason – why, and choose the […]

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אתה יכול לכתוב ספר – מאת: דניאל סלבודר 16/8/2012 – אתה יכול לכתוב ספר, אתה יודע?! אמרתי לו במלוא הביטחון – אני יכול הכול, אם אני רוצה – אני יודע. הוא אמר זאת בפשטות, כאילו לא היה לו במה להתבייש. הריח של הסיגריות מילא את החדר המדרגות, הרעש וההמולה מסביב, אי אפשר היה להבין […]

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For a human who wishes to achieve something in his life should always be a question – why? Sometimes it is so hard finding the answer to that one. All humans have is a shell the soul lives in, an evolutionary high talent for reason and 85 years of life. Yes, humans can reproduce like […]

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At some point of your composition life you might ask yourself this question, whether to join an existing framework of creators or creating your own framework for allowing others then to join it. The question about an egg and a chicken who comes first?

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