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On 16/01/2016, in Entries in English, Philosophy, Sociology, by admin

In a current world of super fast and faster progression of knowledge and technology transfer to others through the Internet or other media, we are again as usual forgetting the axiom, that most masses of humans adapt slowly to changes, it is the nature of humans, thus, a void would be generated, it is generated right now these days. A super fast technology with progressive expansion, versus human inability to adapt to changes quickly. For those who read history, it can be related to the Renaissance period where a BIG explosion of knowledge occurred, devastating old beliefs, generating new prospects of understanding, religions had to change, books rewritten. Knowledge was shared and available for everyone. As we all know, knowledge is power, and as then, humanity was unable to sustain this evolution fast enough, a void was generated. Which then led to good and bad times, from one side art was evolved to unimaginable peaks, science evolved substantially, building the next potential evolution, which we have now. From second hand, it led to crazy wars throughout almost 5 centuries. The void, usually, filled with non void, and as potential rises, void is filled with power sustained with human fear of understanding NEW, we are all afraid of things we cannot explain. This leads to slow adaptation to changes. As it was then, it will happen again, the void would be filled with fear, aggression and migration. As in psychology it is defined, three possible reactions to change, freeze, attack or run. As the void potential higher the more chaos we get. There is no solution for this people. Enjoy the new Renaissance, try not to get killed or loose all your belongings, stay sharp. Politicians would only use people various states of adaptation for elevating interests, thus increase the generated void potential… Just a thought.