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  1. Игорь says:

    Даник, привет.

    У меня по форточкам есть вопрос к тебе.
    Когда мы сможем поговорить по скайпу?


  2. admin says:

    The about page is missing ah? 🙂
    Well, just write an email, I check it almost 24/7. Post some comment, you can also register at my page, I put almost every possible protection against spammers and auto bots. If you seriously need me. Just email me.
    It’s daniel on dmelody com
    The free music downloads is not free anymore, so if you need a password to download the music, again, email me. I donot promise to give password away if I don’t know you. But you can try.
    Have a nice surfing and reading 🙂

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