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New sound and music ideas

On 15/08/2010, in Entries in English, Music Composition, by admin

I’ve been thinking lately, what and how can I really make a new music. It is so hard, as almost all the ideas on composition and tehcniques are used, sound combinations and tonality is exhausted. Composers did that and that, and you always hear the same patterns all over again and again… I’ve been listening to night shows from on trance and progressive channels, trying to find some ideas there. And from listening to the half hour or hour shows I’ve learned that the rules stayed the same – a composer, dj or just a mixer guy, takes patterns, adds drums, bass some easy pad line, creates all kinds of combinations with very simple and basic harmony, without going to heavy places and / or modulations. And it sounds very boring. Not developing, just bum, bum, bum — several pads, and again, bum, bum, bum, maybe some sophistaced bass line and then bum bum bum… What about the music? What about some harmony? And I’m not talking about basic counterpoint rules which are not sustained at all…

As I’m trying to complete my Reiki healing music album and the muse left me two months ago, so I’m out of ideas and motivation to make new music, I’m trying to find these ideas… Then the computer crashed on me with all the files, luckily I had a backup 🙂 Yesterday I had restored all the system and started to play on my synth, but again, I’m rounding the same circles of creation again, nothing new… Like a dry desert with no water or just an illusion of something new. Maybe the answer is a new approach? A new system of harmony? A melody? I donno… The frustration is really high, but I hope this would evaporate soon.

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