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Microsoft toilets

On 26/05/2010, in Entries in English, Work related, by admin

The urge… I’m feeling a need to go to the toilet now, release me – the gentle voice of the bottom abdominal calls. Easily standing up from the chair I’m going to the rest room. There are 3 doors; one is open, but this is for the disabled ones, I won’t use it it’s immoral, the second door is closed with the little red light on, probably busy. The third door is closed, but the light is green. Which door should I choose? The question is about the third door, which is closed, but with the green light on. I think there is a little surprise there, maybe it’s not clean enough? Why the door is closed? I choose the first door for the disabled ones, and release my urge. Is it an immoral thing to do? Releasing the urge in the disabled person toilet? I think so, I’m a very immoral person.

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2 Responses » to “Microsoft toilets”

  1. Leonid says:

    Can’t wait for the release of the Microsoft toilets service pack 1.

  2. admin says:

    Lol 🙂 Will post more info as soon as it is out 🙂

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