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New Reneisanse is here

On 16/01/2016, in Entries in English, Philosophy, Sociology, by admin

In a current world of super fast and faster progression of knowledge and technology transfer to others through the Internet or other media, we are again as usual forgetting the axiom, that most masses of humans adapt slowly to changes, it is the nature of humans, thus, a void would be generated, it is generated right now these days. A super fast technology with progressive expansion, versus human inability to adapt to changes quickly. For those who read history, it can be related to the Renaissance period where a BIG explosion of knowledge occurred, devastating old beliefs, generating new prospects of understanding, religions had to change, books rewritten. Knowledge was shared and available for everyone. As we all know, knowledge is power, and as then, humanity was unable to sustain this evolution fast enough, a void was generated. Which then led to good and bad times, from one side art was evolved to unimaginable peaks, science evolved substantially, building the next potential evolution, which we have now. From second hand, it led to crazy wars throughout almost 5 centuries. The void, usually, filled with non void, and as potential rises, void is filled with power sustained with human fear of understanding NEW, we are all afraid of things we cannot explain. This leads to slow adaptation to changes. As it was then, it will happen again, the void would be filled with fear, aggression and migration. As in psychology it is defined, three possible reactions to change, freeze, attack or run. As the void potential higher the more chaos we get. There is no solution for this people. Enjoy the new Renaissance, try not to get killed or loose all your belongings, stay sharp. Politicians would only use people various states of adaptation for elevating interests, thus increase the generated void potential… Just a thought.

I’m single man. Again…

On 26/08/2015, in Entries in English, General News, by admin

After 14 years of marriage, I’ve got divorced today.

Happy New 2015 Year!!

On 30/12/2014, in Entries in English, Health, Депрессия, by admin

Last year was a fight. Fight against my slavery to anxiety and depression. Fight against my slavery to my ego, against my will to do things I wanted, but what I wanted was wrong, I wanted to feed my ego. My ego didn’t get enough food, always wanted more and more. And I got sunk to my depression and anxiety, hurting myself, my family and my sorroundings.

I finally figured it myself, no one could actually tell me what was wrong in the first place. The reason I was keep feeding my ego was my thought I was not getting enough attention, I’m special, which is not, I’m suprerior, which is not. So I compencated by feeding myself with false thoughts and deeds. I got used to that in time, find myself lonely and anxious, climbing on trees, and watching the Baltic sea to relax myself as a child, then as an adult, a man with a family closing in my room, or oversleeping, being anxious on my free days with my family. My ego was fed, but I was not happy. I found another place to keep feeding my ego, by abusing my will, keep telling myself, that I’m right about doing whatever I keep doing about everything, thoughts, feelings, love and deeds.

To get out of this loop I had to find the initial cause, and correct my new action plan to get out of anxiety and depression. First I treated my anxiety by taking some pills and meditating, this relaxed me. When I was relaxed I could think, why I do what I do? Why I keep hurting myself and others by behaving like an egoist. The answer came from an article I read about anxious partners in relationship, who are closed in themselves – and then it hit my. I’m anxious, and I’m closed in myself. I need to open and stop feeding my ego, this is the solution. Once I realized that, new hope opened in me. I hope the next 2015 year would give me tools and strength to deal with my depression and anxiety. Be healthier again, happier and bring stability to me and my family in all aspects – because I deserve it.

New album available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic and Google Play.

The Sleeping Thunder album composed in 2008, is now available on the digital music web stores!
Please buy, listen and support me 🙂





In the near future I plan to release four additional musical albums:

1) Anabel – 2004-2008 Electronica album (a collection of my electronica works)

2) Temporal (2008-2009) – soundtrack from Oren Bartal video game (according to many requests I’ve got)

3) Perfectly Silent (2014) – new album inspired by our family trip to Estonia (album is about nature, feeling and nostalgia for my home land)

4) Oscar and the lady in pink (2008) – soundtrack from the play performed by Ukrainian theater in Lutsk a play written by

Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt

You can view the full play in Ukrainian language here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CoIo7SdW9w


Leaving social networks – google plus, facebook.

On 10/05/2014, in Entries in English, Health, by admin

Why? First, it takes too much time of my life, sharing something I really doesn’t need to share with anyone. Only some sick solution to show-off my ego to everyone else. Social networks are the great place to grow your ego and it is bad for your mental health. Because none really read and care about what you want to share. Second, because of social networks, you’re spending more time with it, your time management is suffering, as your family too. Suddenly you find yourself sitting with your smartphone more and more, in a road, in a bus, at home. Suddenly you’re not watching what others watching. You’re disconnected. And then you’re disconnected from life, the real life. Social networks, are a virtual reality which is unreal, and eventually you will become addicted to it. Just disconnect from social networks. It is bad, really.

You are the reflection of your truth…

On 11/04/2013, in Entries in English, by admin

You are a reflection of the truth seen by your eyes, analyzed by your brain, performed by your mouth and given you by hand. The truth which is absolute on your natural instinct is the base for pragmatism and the ability to learn, accept and grow, never forget to reason – why, and choose the destiny forever.

New composition released – Fantasy in a dream – Allegro in D maj

On 11/04/2013, in Entries in English, Music Composition, by admin

Hi all, I’ve created a new composition called Fantasy in a dream – this composition is special, due to the fact that it is played live without thought. Art without art, music as I hear and see it in my dreams, it is strong, explosive and very deep few layers down. Enjoy this dream…

Bash scripting – I think I earned 5 stars… Well, 4.5.

On 25/01/2011, in Entries in English, Linux stuff, by admin

if [ -e $compare_table_file ]; then
        echo “Compare table found, comparing results”
        ### TODO, create two dimensional array from report and static table”
        ### Compare the tables
        threshold=5 ### if more than 5% less than const, the test would FAIL
        frames_tested=( `cat $report_name | grep -A 50 “Throughput and Latency results” | grep -A 30 “Frame” | grep -G “[0-9]”| grep -v “Run” | awk {‘print $1″ “$3’}` )
        frames_compared_to=( `cat $compare_table_file | sed ‘s/\”//’ | grep -A 30 “Frame” | grep -G “[0-9]”| grep -v “Run” | awk {‘print $1″ “$3’}` )

        let test_frames_tested=${#frames_tested[*]}/2
        let test_frames_comprated=${#frames_compared_to[*]}/2

        if [ $test_frames_tested -eq 1 ]; then
                echo “wrong count of frames and results”

        if [ $test_frames_comprated -eq 1 ]; then
                echo “wrong count of frames and consts”

        ## Ugly solution to solve the bad output

        let runtime1=${#frames_tested[*]}-1
        let runtime2=${#frames_compared_to[*]}-1

        echo -e “====\t ==========\t ========\t ========”
        echo -e “Size\t Throughput\t Constant\t Variance”
        echo -e “====\t ==========\t ========\t ========”
        #for i in `seq 0 2 ${#frames_tested[*]}`; do
        for i in `seq 0 2 $runtime1`; do
        #for b in `seq 0 2 ${#frames_compared_to[*]}`; do
                for b in `seq 0 2 $runtime2`; do
                if [ “${frames_tested[$i]}” == “${frames_compared_to[$b]}” ]; then
                calc=$(echo “scale=2; -1 * (100 – (100 * ${frames_tested[$i+1]} / ${frames_compared_to[$b+1]}))” | bc)
                rounded=$(echo “scale=0; -1 * (100 – (100 * ${frames_tested[$i+1]} / ${frames_compared_to[$b+1]}))” | bc)
                echo -e “${frames_tested[$i]}\t ${frames_tested[$i+1]}%\t ${frames_compared_to[$b+1]}%\t $calc%”
                        if [ $abs_rounded -le $threshold ]; then

        if [ “$fail” == “1” ]; then

Just some news…

On 29/11/2010, in Entries in English, General News, Music Composition, by admin

A good friend of mine left to Canada… I hope he and his family would do well there. Another friend is getting divorced… A job I do, is interesting, I enjoy it, sometimes it is hard, but if I plan and stick to the plan, everything works just fine. Started to do more sports twice or even three times per week, I progress in weight lifting, started to gain my weight too. Eating and feeling almost normally, less heartburns, although, I think it is also related to the fact that I went to some nutritionist to take some natural food addons, which helped.

Met with friends for lunch at goocha today, was really nice and fish was very spicey 🙂 Alex prepared a photoalbum of his photographs and it is really admirable that he made a complete work of his photos! Congrats Alex! here his site to visit: http://www.hectic.net

Other things to mention, the Reiki album was a disaster… No one talked about it, wether it was good or bad or anything. And it made me really sad, I started to think maybe I’m doing somethig wrong? Or my music started to bore… I stopped and looked on myself, and found that my music is boring. It made me feel really bad. And currently I stopped creating, I think of how do I really compose something that is interesting and smart, as I did few years ago. Then people really loved my music, which currently not the situation.

Thoughts about the issue with my music are currently none, except the fact that I always based on harmony as basis and generated improvisational melodies around the harmony structure. I found that my harmony knowledge is fulfilled, and not interesting anymore, I need to find other ways to compose.

EFT – emotional freedom technique, how it related to CBT – cognitive behavioral therapy

On 27/10/2010, in Entries in English, Esoteric, by admin

Our life seems to be very fast during the past decades, we live to succeed and achieve until the age of 40, get as many deseases as possible, get as many stress as possible and eventually die from suffering… Why? Do we really have to choose to live and then die that way? The answer is in our hands.

What is EFT? Founded by Gary Craig, is a technique to perform two basic things – control your mind and help your body doing it. Actually what it does in real life is very silly, as one might catch another human doing it. The person stands in the middle of the street performing some strange ritual tappings on his eyes, fingers – saying to himself some strange sentences, humming some cheerful melody, performing that nicely, seems to other that he cannot be distracted at all. Then like nothing happened he continues to walk. How strange, the other guy thinks, what the hell was that? That is EFT.

What is beautiful about this technique that it combines three very deep and sophisticated approaches to heal the human being: Fix the feeling and automatic thought that you have which in Psychiatry called (CBT cognitive behavioral therapy), free your mind programming it to a new sentence with help of saying something to yourself lots of times, tap with fingers according to Chinese medicine accupuncture technique to specific points in your body. All this within 3-5 minutes of practice and you’re done. Some would say, this is total bullshit! Accupuntcure exists 2000 years and not many knows how and where to put a niddle, but tapping? Saying sentences to yourself? Fixing automatic thoughts? Well, it’s not a bullshit after all, I’ve tried it and it works. I read many books about CBT including the famous book by Albert Ellis (control your anxiety before it controls you), I know how CBT works, and it works fine, but you have to have lots of patience to succeed, what EFT does is helping you concentrate on CBT and therefore fixing two things in one method. It practically works very good.

Lucid Harmony reiki healing album released!

Wow! I’m so thrilled about this release. Colors, life, music our internal power makes us complete. It is there, just reach out your hands and you become part of this unlimited eternal lucid light which empowers and unifies us. Close your eyes and imagine, what you see is REAL.
This musical album is done using the Reiki energy, I made Reiki to the Piano and music I played each creation has its color its mood, it is so complete and beautiful… My best creation so far.
Download here: http://www.dmelody.com/music/New/Lucid%20Harmony/mp3/
Most of all enjoy!

Rootkit on my website

On 19/10/2010, in Entries in English, Hacker stuff... Allek, by admin

Well, apparently, some “script-kiddies” succeeded implanting a rootkit on my webserver, which is awesome 🙂 I noticed it, accidentally performing a regular cleaning of my website for some unrequired files… Anyway, found few tar files inside /. With netstat -atunp I saw a strange connection performed automatically to few IRC servers with port 6667 and 7000, after I run few tcpdump and tcpflow sessions, I saw that it is a bot running on my server, cool! A Linux bot! Nice to meet you Linux bot! It took me an hour to find it and remove it, the most interesting shit, the bot used a backdoor located on Linux PAM patches or updates then it replaced bash env + lsof command so lsof command output displayed an illusion… That’s why it took me so long to locate and disable this shit. I started to look some further, found a user named user inside my passwd file, the shadow file had two root entries and exactly the same entry for user user… Apparantly, as I changed the root password it was automatically applied to user too 🙂 Very nice piece of software guys! Anyway, you should try harder.

New music releases.

On 18/09/2010, in Entries in English, Music Composition, by admin

Just posted three of me new music creations made in August and Sepetmeber 2010. You’re all welcome to listen / download and comment. These creations has no particular purpose, just nice melodies and usage of new software 🙂

Listen online:

My new job.

On 13/09/2010, in Entries in English, General News, Work related, by admin

I think I like my new job at this small and nice startup. People are alive! The technology is burning hot like fire. I had a slow start at first, but now I’m involved and making the thing happen. Let’s do it!